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These will help you proof and correct while you write. I suggest that you write your paper by starting with the body. You have note cards to help you get through it and you can always go back and add in the introduction later. The introduction tends to be the hardest part to write.

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Information on each part of the paper is below. Before you go any further, make sure you understand this concept. Worried about accidental plagiarism? Read this sheet. Used with permission Buy this shirt! That way you can access your paper anywhere. If you lose your computer or it crashes, you have not lost the paper. Let's look at these two things. How do you grab my attention? First you need a "hook" to catch my attention. Consider using these techniques:.

Your thesis statement should be somewhere in your introduction. Well, that is up to you. You will probably find it easier and quite effective to make it your last sentence. Start broad, get narrower, then hit the reader with your thesis. Typically an introduction paragragh will have sentences and either none or just one in-text it is not uncommon to have no in-text in the introduction. People are obsessed with loosing weight, but often find themselves right back where they started.

This is because people pick diets that they cannot possibly keep for long periods at a time. The key in weight lose is to pick foods that both healthy, but fun to eat, and design the program around that.

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The all ice cream diet is healthy for people because ice cream has the four main food groups, the individual ingredients are healthy, and there are several case studies where it has worked. This is the easy part. In fact, I suggest that you start with your body and write your introduction later. You already have your note cards in order. Now you all you need to do is to look at that first note card and find a way to write that piece of information.

Then you can go from there. Don't forget to put in your in-text documentation as you write. If you listed your topics in your thesis statement, then write your paper in that order. This is an easy way of giving credit to your sources. Remember that plagiarism is copying someone's words OR ideas without giving proper credit.

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So how do you do it? Just look at your source cards and follow the pattern to the right. It all depends on the first word of the source. Once you finish, you can clean up unneeded in-text by following these guidelines for cleaning up in-text. Run across something unusual?

Check the Purdue Online Writing Center. Transitions - these help your reader to realize that you are moving from one idea to the next. If you've ever been talking to someone who abruptly changes topic without letting you know that they were now talking about something else, then you understand how annoying a lack of transitions can be.

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You can use transition sentences. If I was talking about comic book superheroes and I want to move to the amount of money that comic book movies are making, I could start my next paragraph like this:. You can also use transition words to alert your reader. Overusing these can make your writing seem childish and formulaic. However, using some here or there can add strength to your writing. Repetition - this is using the same word too many times, or too closley together.

Sometimes you can fix the problem by just choosing a different word and other times you will need to rewrite the sentence. Example using different words : change some of the phrases "the death penalty" to "capital punishment" and "execution". Example rewrite : While several comic books did have grisly scenes that were inappropriate for young children, many of the comic books mentioned by Fredrick Wertham were not comic books meant for children.

Guidelines for Using Note Cards and Source Cards

There were several grisly scenes that were inappropriate for young children; however, many of Federick Wertham's examples were from comics aimed toward adults. Redundancy - this is harder to spot than repetition, although similar. This is when you say the same information using different words. Itis easy to think that you are saying something new, when in fact you are merely repeating yourself. Example: People have been killed for years and some who were killed were innocent and still got killed because there was not enough evidence to prove them innocent. Too many quotes - the first rule in quoting is to not quote.

If you find something that is vitally important to how it is worded, then fine. Otherwise, paraphrase it.

Too many quotes makes it seem like you are trying to avoid writing. Absolutes - rarely do you find something that is "always" this or "never" that. Avoid these types of comments. Example: In everyone's eyes that is not right and something should be done about it. Cliches - a cliche is an overused statement.

Avoid them like the plague. See what I did there? Exaggerations - Let your facts speak for themselves. Do not overstate them like this student did:. Example: College athletes should be treated like employees instead of slaves. This is the last paragraph of your paper. You wrap up all your ideas in a neat little package. We can see it is the last paragraph. You do not need to insult your reader by telling them that.

You will want to summarize your main points and reassert note that I did not say restate your position. Do not end your paper with a question. You can end with a quotation especially effective if you tie that quotation in with a quotation from the introduction , a prediction, a recommendation, or a reference to something mentioned in the introduction.

Creating a Helpful Research Paper Note Card

Here is a great way to do that borrowed from Mr. Assael : Introductions and Conclusions. If you get an A-, I'll give you a double daily grade.

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If you get an A, I'll give you a double quiz grade. Get rid of the word "very. Here are some ways to avoid it:.

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Go through your paper and get rid of unnecessary in-text. Source Card: Contains information about the source of information, such as author, title, publisher, copyright date, web address, etc. Source cards and note cards help you take notes in and organized manner. They also help you follow Fair Use of Copyrighted materials.