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During the movie Vincent routinely obtains blood, hair, and urine samples from the real Jerome Morrow to pass identification and screening tests. The real Morrow is not able to live at his potential because he was crippled in an accident. The day comes when Vincent must launch into space. He performs a urinal test and it shows that he is an invalid. However, the Dry. That is in charge resets the machine and gives him a valid pass.

Vincent is able to beat all odds and is successful regardless of his genetic makeup. The movie, Elysium takes place in the year and the story is about two types of civilization. One is the wealthy people that live in a space station ladled Elysium and the second group of people are poor and live on an overpopulated ruined earth.

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The rich enjoy a life a luxury with and access to medical technology that can cure anything within a matter of seconds. The poor are trapped on earth in poverty, crime, and diseases. When poor people have finally save enough money or have earn a seat by dealing with the gang leader on earth to enter illegally to Elysium. Many lose their lives because the wealthy have place immigration laws to ensure their habitat.

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This includes deploying armed combatants that are sadistically cruel. The main character is Max a young man that lives on the ravage earth and has always dream of going to Elysium since he was a child. He earns his living by manufacturing the robots that enforce the wealthy laws until he is trapped in a compartment of the factory and is exposed to radiation. You know how looking at a math problem similar to the one you're stuck on can help you get unstuck?

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    Gattaca jerome morrow essay

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