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But then there are also international recruiters who go to any country in the world to meet up with students in their home country. You can go to a study abroad fair in your home country and meet with international admissions folks from a variety of universities from a variety of countries. I would think that most countries have some kind of study abroad fair in their home country and those are often organized by private companies. We have a university student from Pakistan here and he tells his family and his friends back home this is a great place, come here.

Then he shares our email, how students could contact us to go through the process of getting admitted to our university. Once students are admitted to the university, the next step would be what they need in order to get their visa to enter the country the student is admitted to. Chris: Right.

What would you talk about in your essay that may separate you from everyone else so you can get scholarships to study abroad? Johannes: That depends completely on the scholarship the student is applying to. I can only refer to the scholarship our university is offering to international students. They have to complete an essay explaining why they would want to study abroad, what impacts they plan to make when they return home.

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So every essay might be a little different. I might not be the best person to talk generally about how to apply for scholarships. There are many places that students can apply, but you might need to talk to an expert about scholarships. You might have to write several essays.

Is it to put on your resume, or is it for the experience, is it for the memories? What would you tell a student? Johannes: My personal reason was just I wanted to challenge myself, to improve my foreign language skills.

So this was my personal reason — I wanted to challenge myself. But now that I look back at my study abroad experience and talk to other colleagues, studying abroad is spending a significant amount of time abroad. Every day is so exciting because there are so many new things going on that you will never have problems falling asleep because you will always be so tired. We can come back to them. Johannes: There are funny stories and then there are stories of being out of your comfort zone. Can you come along? The flight will be cheap. We were just traveling through Tunisia for one week on backpacks and there were times where I was completely on my own then because they would either go to bed or would be just talking to each other in their mother language which was Slovenian.

It was something I had never experienced before and it was really interesting getting to meet the people from Tunisia, getting invited by families in their houses, spending time in their environment and seeing how people in different countries live differently.

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  • And what kind of food people eat. It was just a real eye-opening week for me. And I will always bring this up as a story because this is what made me curious to go to other countries. The most exciting part about traveling for me is the food. If you have a book recommendation for everyone listening, is there something that you recommend for a good read? Johannes: I have something that I find really an interesting concept. The book is called Minimalism — Live a Meaningful Life and it just talks about kind of cutting down on the stuff, on the materialistic things many people all around the world nowadays are drawn to.

    Trying not to own too many items and just trying to focus on the things that are really important to yourself.

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    And that also plays along well with studying abroad because when you study abroad you cannot bring many things. You only have one suitcase or maybe two. You only bring the most important things. Chris: Minimalism. And then, the next question is about food — your favorite food from back home and your favorite food from traveling abroad. What is it? Johannes: My favorite food from back home in Austria — I grew up in a rural area and our most important, the biggest, meal for me was a cold Austrian dinner which is just a multi-grain dark bread with butter and different kinds of spreads on top, or tomatoes, or pickles, different kinds of cheeses.

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    You would just have this with family and friends, and you would sit at the dinner table for an hour and a half or two hours. So this is my food from back home.

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    If I go to Turkey, I might have a coffee. If I go to America, I might have a burger. If I go to Scandinavia , I might bicycle around. That applies to food and it can apply to many other things.

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    Every country has something new. Chris: Then, when you walk into a bar — what will your order, what do you have when you walk into a bar? Johannes: That again depends on what the locals do. Each place has their own specialty. I have to bring up Tunisia again because this was such an interesting place for me. We went to a bar there. Johannes: You could have any kind of drink, but they were different from European bars because you did not get alcoholic drinks.

    lrija.com/spy-samsunggalaxy-note-10-software.php It was just the same as in North America or in Europe, but the drinks were just not with alcohol. Management Information Systems, General. Operations Management and Supervision. Radio and Television. Speech Communication and Rhetoric. Computer and Information Sciences, General. Curriculum and Instruction. Elementary Education and Teaching.

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