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According to Focus Adolescent Services, dating and relationship problems or break-ups are common sources of Community, where we offer this portfolio with sincere gratitude and wish to express our vows and respect. All the names specified on the front page, for the support and the useful suggestions and recommendations. Preface The portfolio is designed to the awareness of the students to the environment.

It is based on the reality eye view of the writers and to provide an extending charitable works to the community.

Relationship Between Relationships And Relationships

Chapter I Background of the Study Every day, college students are facing a conflict of interest: to study or not to study. Their decisions are affected by various factors that are often not controlled by students like part-time jobs, involvement in organizational activities, etc. Upon entering a relationship during college, one might be forced to choose to either study, or spend time with his partner. This may leave the student with a lot of stress that may affect the student including his studies.

PLM is known for its quality education and high standards. Applicants are screened and went to several tests and interviews before being accepted. In this university, each student is required to have a general average of 2. Whoever fails to meet the required general average, might get kicked out of the university.

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As a concerned fellow student, the researcher observed that despite the high grade requirement, some students still have time to enter relationships. In the law, testimony is a form of evidence that is obtained from a witness who makes a solemn statement or declaration of fact.

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Testimony may be oral or written, and it is usually made by oath or affirmation under penalty of perjury. Unless a witness is testifying as an expert witness, testimony in the form of opinions or inferences is generally limited to those opinions or inferences that are rationally based on the perceptions of the witness and are helpful to a clear understanding of the witness' testimony.

Many of these theoretical outlooks have dominated the field at certain points in history. Learn more about some of the major schools of thought in psychology in the following articles and resources Student Performance Galiher and Darling , used GPA to measure student performance because they main focus in on the student performance for the particular semester.

Learning Facilities Karemera found that students' performance is significantly correlated with satisfaction with academic environment and the facilities of library, computer lab and etc. With regard to background variables, he found a positive effect of high school performance and school achievement he found no statistical evidence of significant association between family income level and academic performance of the student. The students who are actively engage in the learning process are observed to have a positive correlation with the CGP.

Probably creative and may use different colors and diagrams in Malnutrition remains one of the major obstacles to human well-being affecting all areas of a child's growth and development, including performance in the classroom. In this study, a qualitative phenomenological case study design was used with focus group discussions, interviews and observations as data collection instruments to twelve 12 grade seven learners, three 3 headmasters and four 4 teachers, purposively sampled in Masvingo province.

Findings revealed that malnutrition affected physical growth, cognitive development and it consequently impacts on academic performance, health and survival of learners.

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  • Malnutrition also deepens poverty due to increased health care costs. The study also established that hungry and undernourished grade seven learners were not able to take on physical work and sporting It was therefore important that a study be conducted to establish the extent to which the environment affects students' academic performance. A cross sectional design was employed with a sample size of senior four students who were randomly selected from eight secondary schools.

    Questionnaires were used to collect quantitative data from students while an interview guide was used to gather qualitative data from teachers and head teachers. The study also employed an observation checklist. The quantitative data was analyzed using descriptive statistics in form of frequency counts and percentages; and inferential statistics using the t-test and ANOVA technique to There is no good effect to their studies.

    It could even miss the whole subject period. Having an early relationship of a students also distract other students and advisers, disturbing the flow and system of a class. If we can identify the advantages of having an early relationship it can be good to others.

    You will be inspired, and far as so on. Almazan, Axl B. Cantil, Jorish B. Del Rosario, and Cyrihl C.

    Velasquez, in partial fulfillment of the requirements in English X, is hereby recommended for oral examination. Artell L. Fatima A. Alarcon Mr. Joseph Christopher DT. Show him how desirable you are and trustworthy by fixing your eyes only to him. Appreciate his little efforts. Your boyfriend also needs to know and feel that his efforts are being appreciated. Let him know that you value him and you treasure every effort he does for you. It will make him feel better about himself and your relationship as well.

    The worst thing you can do to your boyfriend is take him for granted. Send him sweet messages.

    Effects of having a romantic relationship while studying

    Listen when he needs you. One of the best things you can do as a girlfriend is to listen to him to know what he wants so you can fulfill his needs. Stop nagging. Continuous nagging will only annoy your boyfriend and ruin your relationship. Help him break his limits. Your boyfriend has enough people in his life who discourage him to go beyond his limits.

    So be his personal cheerleader. Support him and help him reach his full potential. Let him be. Respect him as a man. Give him freedom and let him be without always trying to change him. Accept his flaws. Let bygones be bygones and give your relationship a chance to move forward and grow stronger. Because the more it takes long, the harder it is to fix for the both of you.

    Pamper him. Cook for him, buy him little present, or prepare his breakfast in bed.

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    Give him space. Instead of putting pressure on him, why not give him space? Space to be with himself, his friends, work, or whatever he needs. Be independent.

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    • Your boyfriend also wants you to have a little dependence. Be empathetic. Your ability to step into the shoes of another person, understand their feelings, and recognize their perspectives seems to be in free-fall.

      How to be a Good Girlfriend in 30 Ways

      It is not easy to be a man, so try to listen to his side instead of constantly trying to tell him yours. Tell him how happy and blessed you are to have him. Guys also want to hear sweet words coming from their girlfriend. So why not start doing it? Support his passion. It would be a success in your part once you see him accomplish it. Tell him what bothers you. Inspire him.

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      Motivate and inspire your boyfriend everyday. Be that woman behind his every success.